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Hormone Optimization

Hormone optimization is lifestyle optimization.


What is Hormone Optimization?  

Hormones are communicators/regulators/special biological substances in our body that are little horse whispers/hidden figures navigating from our brains to other target organs and tissue, so that we can function.  They are our operational systems quietly working behind the scenes. 

Due to a variety of factors such as age, lifestyle, and environment, our hormones can be impacted, reducing their levels and effectiveness throughout the body. When this occurs, we may begin to experience symptoms such as, fatigue, brain fog, depression, low libido, difficulty losing weight, and mood and sleep imbalance, to name a few.   

When we optimize our hormones; however, we show up to make choices with conviction, confidence, clarity, and consistency and to perform without feeling like our body is working against us. Simply, when we optimize our hormones — we optimize our lives. 

The Future Female Program is a dynamic healing process, where you will be guided targeted hormone solutions that your body needs to re-establish proper levels for enhanced function. When this occurs, you will notice that you have more energy, better sleep, improved metabolic function, better moods, memory, sexual health, physical performance, and an overall enhanced well-being. Get ready to feel your best as we work to optimize the balance and function of your hormones.  

What are the important phases in a woman’s life?

Phase 1 - Reproductive Age (late teens to 40s)

During this phase, women are …

Working on relationships and establishing identity,

Fulfilling various roles in family personal relationships,

Educating their children,

Experiencing “Superwomen Syndrome,”

Undergoing a redefinition of life,

Experiencing increased health conditions related to menses and uterine and ovarian diseases,

Experiencing addictive behaviors, and

Caring for others, which brings about additional stress.

Phase 2 – Near Menopause Age (late 40s and early 50s)

During this phase, women are …

Beginning to have no menstruations or irregular menses occur,

Experiencing the “Empty Nest Syndrome,”

Needing to care for elderly parents,

Changing relationships,

Losing motivation in life,

Seeking more prevention services and health advocates,

Having mental depression,

Beginning to experience menopause symptoms, such as hot flashes, night sweats, vaginal dryness, and libido changes,

Experiencing fatigue and additional health conditions, and

Seeking more prevention services and health advocates.

Phase 3 – Advanced Ages (late 50s and beyond)

During this phase, women are …

Experiencing loss of body functions,

Dealing with many changes, including the loss of loved ones,

Experiencing declining strength and cognitive abilities,

Having anxiety about aging,

At risk of cardiac and stroke accidents increase,

Experiencing significant body changes over time may take effect, and

Experiencing loss of body functions.

Hormone Optimization – Be the BOSS YOU ARE!

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