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The Future Female

Future Female POWER Reset Program.

A 16-Week Signature Hormone Optimization Program

The Future Female 

For far too long, society, including women themselves, have downplayed women’s abilities, resulting in debilitating and long-term effects. Women are innovators, collaborators, and contributors (ICC). When women’s abilities are minimized, their well-being becomes compromised and begins to crack.  

Through the integration of a ‘Whole-isitic lifestyle that encourages optimization through a whole-body connection, women are able to be more productive, powerful, & performance-driven with less effort.  


What is the Future Female Power Reset Program?

Hormone Optimization Coaching and Consulting Program.

16-Week Plan: A plan that is tailored to jump start and reset your live from inside out.

Self-guided segments – each with their own topic, deliverables, and action steps. The 'POWER' of the program.

Three phases: Discovery; Defining your DNA; Dominating your Life.

Personalized wellness experience with team of experts ready to guide your transformation.

What does the Program do?

Restores hormone balance.

Redefines the biologic transitions in your life.

Helps you discover your ideal accountability goals, instead of autopilot letdowns.

Addresses stress triggers to build resilience and uncover the BADASS you are.

Unlocks the potential of DNA expression to individualize your groove.

Improves sleep routine and habits to rest like the QUEEN you are.

Identifies your specific nutritional needs to optimize hormone function.

Embraces the ‘less is more’ mentality and stops the mental hopscotch.

Eliminates the guesswork regarding what supplements to take, and clears that medicine cabinet of uselessness.

Helps you give up the fads and establish actionable steps and lifestyle tools to last.

Who is this Program for?

Women over 35 years of age.

Women who are headed into perimenopause, in the center of it, menopause hell, or menopause be gone mode.

Women on a mission to improve their health journey beyond the exam room.

Women who know that something isn’t quite right, despite all the “normal” test results.

Women who want to give up cookie cutter solutions and fads, and desire a more individualized approach.

Women who desire more accountability and need more guidance than following random social media leads and posts.

Women who seek to thrive in her business/occupation AND her passions in life.

Women who are planning to conceive within the next six months, who want to maximize their body for that baby and not be put in the “ADVANCED MATERNAL AGE” box.

Women who are stressed and overwhelmed, who seek not only a healthier lifestyle, but the love and longevity that comes with it.

Women who are tired of being on weight gain/loss hamster wheel.

Women who need more focus.

Women who are not gaining their entire expectations of Hormone Replacement Therapy and are unsure if it is harming or helping.

Who is this Program NOT for?

Women who make excuses.

Women who lack self-accountability.

Women who see themselves as a victim.

Women not willing to invest time, money, and a good attitude into her future female health.


Who is the Future Female?

She is the CEO of the bedroom, boardroom, and home.

She is a Gamechanger.

She thrives in her business/occupation AND her passions in life.

She embraces innovation, technology, and evolution of possibilities.

She develops relationships and connections within herself and the world.

She embodies her own unique qualities NOT Cookie Cutter expectations.

What does the Future Female look like?

She doesn’t always adhere to current societal norms.

She knows mindset is everything.

She works hard to live her WHY because she lives with purpose.

She starts with her WHY in all that she does.

She looks at the BIG PICTURE because she plays BIG.

Are you ready for a transformation and become more productive, powerful, & performance-driven with less effort? 

Let’s get started!


Private Facebook Group Page – The Future Female Power Performance Group

Join this group to have discussions with other like-minded, high-achieving women. Whether you are emerging in your career or an entrepreneur, whether you are perimenopausal or menopausal (35 and up), and whether you need help guidance on navigating the challenges of your midlife transition this is the place for you.

Show up and get the improved confidence and conviction to perform with more consistent results.

Future Female Power Performance Group


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