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Wearable Tech & Women's Health:
The Ultimate FemTech Wellness Guide

Become the Boss Woman
you are in 2023.

This year, let’s harness the New Year together to improve our lives and step confidently into this new chapter of life. Whether you are chill in your 30s or catching hormonal mayhem in your 40s-50s, I am speaking to you. Get your FREE Tech Wearables Health Guide for 2023! This is an in-depth guide that will help you understand how to optimize your health using wearable tech you already own!

  • Ever wondered the full capability of your smartwatch or new app?
  • How can your new Holiday gadget help you get over or prevent a health scare?
  • How can my wearable device help me navigate my current health condition?
  • What should I follow in my metrics….what’s so dang important about HRV?
  • Is counting steps in your wearable tech still necessary?

Normal is good, Optimal is where the magic happens.

Don't guess... test. But most importantly question WTF?

The internet and social media is a world of information, but just like you may customize your wardrobe or your morning coffee, how does the information or certain testing apply to you. The future innovations of health and data are whirled around a key concept… individualizing and transforming the user experience.

I think that should be a focus of how we see our health and wellness. Self advocacy starts here and it starts now.

Let this guide be the first step toward your own divine healing. Heal women… Heal the world. Get your guide here: Have You Ever Asked Your Doctor WTF About These Tests? BONUS: The Litmus Test for Your Life