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Who is Dr. LaReesa?

Women’s Hormone Expert, Wellness & Epigenetics Coach, FemTech Consultant, Future Female Advocate, Mentor, and Author

Dr. LaReesa Ferdinand is a women’s hormone expert, integrative health coach and consultant with nearly two-decades of experience in women’s health as a board-certified OB/GYN physician. Nothing gives me greater joy than having the privilege of being on this incredible journey with other women. There are core values that are fundamental to me personally and to my practice as a women’s health physician. These values are in all that I am and all that I do. I believe in:
Women’s Hormone Expert, Wellness & Epigenetics Coach, Consultant, Future Female Advocate, Mentor, and Author
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Why work with Dr. LaReesa?

I once heard someone say that when you think about your life passion and about gravitating toward your destiny, it’s helpful to start with what frustrates you. Ask yourself – What gets under your skin? What drives your inner spirit? As an OB/GYN, I have an impactful job that I love because there is nothing I love more than working with, and helping, women. I have shared incredibly private moments with my patients, where they bare their hearts and souls and secrets that often aren’t shared with spouses, or other loved ones. Even after the clinical visit ends, I have lingering thoughts about how I can go beyond the office visit to continue the dialogue – a dialogue that will impact countless women and the quality of their lives. In medical training you “see one, do one, teach one.” Oftentimes, however, it is only the “see one, treat one,” with little time left to “teach (and transform) one.” This is what we need more of today – teaching, inspiring, empowering – so that others can make their own transformations. I saw how we are different, but have many common threads. I saw how lives are impacted and changed, and I wanted to be on the other end of creating more powerful and productive beautiful lives beyond their perfect imperfections or their diagnoses. Mainstream medicine simply does not incorporate this philosophy. We often see the destination and know how we want to feel, but lack the tools or resources to get there in the traditional health care model, leaving women with their own devices, unsure where to begin.
Health is more than symptoms, doctor’s appointments, and medicine. It is also lifestyle, longevity, and love. And health is wealth.

What do I want to do most?

Hormone Optimization is Lifestyle Optimization.

Embrace the Change of Life! The Corner of Happily Hopeful and Optimistic.