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Keep Track of your Health with FemTech

FemTech has emerged as a game-changer in women’s healthcare, offering a multitude of tools and applications to help women keep track of their health. By harnessing the power of technology, FemTech offers women personalized and data-driven solutions to monitor and manage their health effectively.

My Body Map of FemTech

Femtech is about creating products to try and reach better healthcare outcomes that differently disproportionately or solely affect women and girls. My mission is to drive the FemTech movement of ‘interpretation and application’ through various women’s life stages.

Helping women through menopause and beyond.

Keep Track of your Health

Monitoring your sleep, recovery, and daily effort around the clock to deliver actionable insights on how you can optimize your performance.

Track How Recovered You Are

Get daily insight into your body’s recovery so you know when to take it easy and when to be more active.

Monitor Your Activity Levels

Measure how active you are and get daily targets for how active to be based on your body’s recovery.

Get Insight Into Your Sleep

Keep track of how much sleep you get, sleep stages, sleep cycles, and get feedback on how much sleep your body needs.

Keep a pulse on your health

Get daily analysis of your body’s physiology to make sure metrics are within your typical baseline.

My commitment is to keep abreast of wearable technology and science breakthroughs to help women determine what is best for their individual needs."

Wearable Tech & Women's Health:
The Ultimate FemTech Wellness Guide

Become the Boss Woman
you are in 2023.

This year, let’s harness the New Year together to improve our lives and step confidently into this new chapter of life. Whether you are chill in your 30s or catching hormonal mayhem in your 40s-50s, I am speaking to you. Get your FREE Tech Wearables Health Guide for 2023! This is an in-depth guide that will help you understand how to optimize your health using wearable tech you already own!

  • Ever wondered the full capability of your smartwatch or new app?
  • How can your new Holiday gadget help you get over or prevent a health scare?
  • How can my wearable device help me navigate my current health condition?
  • What should I follow in my metrics….what’s so dang important about HRV?
  • Is counting steps in your wearable tech still necessary?