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My Hysterectomy Story

I want to share my celebration. My Hysterectomy Anniversary Day.

 I made a difficult choice last year, but a necessary one. I am a tough cookie, but my performance, physical and emotional health output was starting to wane. I had a hysterectomy (kept my ovaries) last year due to Adenomyosis. Adenomyosis is a condition where your endometrial (uterine lining glandular tissue) grows into the wall of the uterus and can cause severe pelvic pain, heavy menses, and possible infertility. It can be considered a form of endometriosis.

It wasn’t an easy decision by measure. And being a physician, I did try everything possible from western medicine and natural modalities, even acupuncture to reduce my pain. But sometimes you have to come to terms that the quality of life is so much more valuable. And the things that worked before, may not be ideal anymore.  

We have all been there. I no longer wanted to plan around the pain and agony. Others didn’t see it, because that’s what I did….I dealt with it and slayed the day despite the struggle. It never let it  define me. But I chose a season to take a step back, make the decision that I knew was best for me. So what did I do, I decided to plan and act. These are some nuggets I want to share that may help you.

1) Consultation and evaluation with my gynecology surgeon (had to be a good fit)

2)Sessions with a mental health therapist/life coach to get my mindset in gear (I was one who wanted to go to my grave with all my body parts)

3) Adjusted my career goals, and commitments and financial reserves (high performing woman needed to take her own advice)

4) Got my squad and close friend circles on alert to help (rounded the posse to put them on alert)

5) Prepared to rest and recovery, no WORK (due diligence to myself and my colleagues)

6) Planned a peaceful journal and gratitude exercises to be at peace with my decision (peace of mind exercises)

7) Set a date and stuck with it…. (Let’s do this mentality…)
As I look back on my celebration it was a beautiful time of reflection. I thank my sister for coming in and taking the load to help hubby and kids, the rest of my family for keeping me smiling, and my beautiful friends and sisters who showed up with smiles, food, laughs, and prayers along the way and host of others.  I loved the scramble games in bed, breakfast with family, reading my Michelle Obama book (finally, but right on time–I was BECOMING), walks to the corners of my neighborhood with my son, and just BEING and letting my body recover and rest.  
For those out there on the fence or who have experienced a hysterectomy or some form of endometriosis or adenomyosis, comment on your gems and the journey.