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POWER is defined as the ability to expand your reach and accomplish a higher state of being instead of just doing and activating autopilot. It embodies strength through increased mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual capacity. The ability to command authority through virtue, competency, and positive influence. Dr. LaReesa is the definition of POWER. You can be too!

Dr. LaReesa ignites her audiences with her vast knowledge, experience, and understanding. Her purpose is to improve the health and overall well-being of women through each stage of their lives. She leaves her audiences informed, inspired, and empowered.

Dr. LaReesa’s highlighted speaking topics are, but not limited to:

  1. The future Female: Harness Your Power Through Hormone Optimization
  2. The SnapBack: Reclaiming Your Lost Mojo
  3. The Power of Preconception: The 35-Plus Club

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Dr. LaReesa is the definition of POWER. You can be too!

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November 2021
Panelist and Speaker:
Girl Talk Luncheon — watch
City of Orlando Commissioner 2021     

October 2020
Panel Expert:
Longevity Summit

September 2020  
Future Female Hormonal Health: A Woman’s Journey
The University of So. Florida Black Women in Medicine

April 2017-2021  
Panelist and Speaker:
Spring Into Leadership Women’s Day Conference
Vantage Point Coaching, LLC


October 2018  
Guest Speaker:
Wellness for Winning Program
National Association of Women Business Owners of Orlando 

May 2018
Keynote Speaker:
Florida Healthy Start Coalition Annual Meeting 

March 2018  
Guest Speaker:
National Nutrition Month
General Federation of Women’s Club, Four Corners 

June 2017   
Keynote Speaker:
Conversations on Women’s Health
Winter Haven Housing Authority, and Margaret Byrd Jones Foundation.


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