Your Wellness Journey Options

We have many customized offerings to best suit every woman’s needs. Our goal is always to help in whatever way YOU need most.

Get the Wellness You Deserve!

Power-Up Personalized Power Session with Dr. LaReesa & Her Team

Paid Consultation*.

One on one power clarity consultation tailored for YOU

Help you leverage YOUR power through optimizing hormone function

Guide you on what living a more fulfilled life means to YOU!

We don't do 'cookie cutters'

* A la carte services can be added

Power-Up Discovery Call for Coaching Program

16-week Program*.

One on one and group power sessions with Dr. LaReesa

Hormone power-up self-guided segments, presentations and outcome-driven tools to direct you through your transformative wellness journey

Foundation Genetic Profile

Focused Health and Lifestyle Assessment

Weekly Office Hours with Video Calls and Q&A

Private Facebook Group Page

* A la carte services can be added

A la carte Wellness Options

Individualized Result-Driven Wellness Tools & Technology to Help Improve Your Health & Well-being to Make Big Things Happen in Your Life!

DUTCH test (recommendation, provide insight)

Oura Ring (sizing kit with recommendations of tracking metrics)

Genetic profile evaluation (athletic performance, deeper dive hormone, environmental toxins)

One on one clarity consultation with Dr. LaReesa (pre-questionnaire required)

Intermittent Fasting for Perimenopause and Beyond Course

Understand the key principles of Intermittent Fasting

The WHY? Behind the nuts and bolts effects of hormones

How this is a Lifestyle trend NOT a DIET trend

Feel more energized and improve the effects of aging

Hormone Optimization – Be the BOSS YOU ARE!

Get Your FREE Guide: 10 Surprising Facts About Women’s Hormones!

Your hormones are powerful chemical messengers for your overall health. Learn about these hormone messengers by Dr. LaReesa.


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