The truth of the matter is: One Size Doesn’t Fit All!

Become ‘Whole-istic’ Again.

A lifestyle that encourages optimization through a whole-body connection

I help YOU, the woman reading this, create a well-deserved health and wellness lifestyle that is impossible to achieve through traditional medical visits and follow up. The challenge today is that traditional women’s health care has not evolved along with us. With our complex lifestyles, women need an integrative approach for a more balanced and healthier life.  

We help to create a sustainable health and wellness journey for women that is impossible to achieve within the ‘walls’ of a typical medical provider visit. You deserve to be heard. You deserve more than being automatically prescribed medications without searching for available alternatives. 

When YOU improve YOUR hormone balance, YOU will become more productive, performance-driven, and powerful to thrive through preconception, perimenopause, and beyond. YOUR potential is limitless.

Become ‘Whole’ Again!


A Doctor’s Note …

Welcome! My name is Dr. LaReesa Ferdinand.

I am a Wellness & Epigenetics Coach, Consultant, Health Advocate, and Mentor. I help women improve hormone balance so they can lead more productive, performance-driven, and powerful lives through perimenopause and beyond. My passion is to impact women on a deeper level through a whole-body connection and hormone optimization. In this way, they can dominate the changes of their biological clock with ease and improved confidence, clarity, and consistency.

Dr. LaReesa

It is my belief that when you optimize your hormone function; you optimize your life..

I can relate to you as a high-functioning professional woman. I understand the need to be a good wife, mom, AND at the same time, the desire to exceed in your career. BUT at what expense?
My attempt at maintaining a so-called “work/life balance” only added more stress. I was mentally fighting that subconscious battle of the mind of living in a male-dominated world, and I sometimes just felt inadequate. It doesn’t have to be this way. It shouldn’t be this way.

The Future is Female.

For far too long, society, including women themselves, have downplayed women’s abilities, resulting in debilitating and long-term effects. Women are innovators, collaborators, and contributors (ICC). When women’s abilities are minimized, their well-being becomes compromised and begins to crack.


Your Wellness Journey Starts here.

Hormone Optimization is Lifestyle Optimization. ITS TIME! You are a REAL WOMAN MAKING REAL CHOICES RIGHT NOW. We have many customized offerings to best suit every woman’s needs. Our goal is always to help in whatever way YOU need most.

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    Hormone Optimization is Lifestyle Optimization.

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